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Drop off your car at any place in Ginza so you can enjoy shopping – Park24 starts field testing of Ginza Valet Service

2016.03.10 update
2016.02.24 - 08.31

On February 24 (Wed), 2016, Park24 Co., Ltd. started a field test of a valet parking service to be offered in the city of Ginza, which allows users to deposit their car at any predetermined time and place, and pick it up on their way back also at any predetermined time and place.

In the new Ginza Valet Service, our staff of highly skilled drivers will receive a customer's car at the time and place requested by the customer, and park it at a nearby Times parking lot. Later, the driver will deliver the car to another predetermined time and place for pickup by the customer.

This field test provides an introductory trial service to Times Club members enrolled to participate in the test. Customers will become able to enjoy shopping and meals free of stress in the entertainment district of Ginza. This solution will resolve customers' issues such as not being able to find a parking spot, or when they are running late due to traffic congestion.

【Outline of field test for Ginza Valet Service】
Test period: February 24 (Wed) to August 31 (Wed), 2016
Test area: Around Hibiya, Ginza, and Higashi-ginza (see map below)
Service hours: 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (booking hours: 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.)
Fee: 3,000 yen for first 3 hours (including parking fee); and 1,000 yen for every additional 1 hour
Accepted car models: Some cars may not be accepted. For details, check with our booking center when you use our service.
(Booking center: 0120-62-8924)
Customers eligible to use the service: Times Club members who enrolled to participate in the test (
Times Club is a members-only point-reward program that does not require an enrollment fee or annual fee. Members are rewarded with points whenever they use Times parking lots and Times Car Plus car-sharing service, in addition to exclusive membership services. You can start using the program on the day you submit your application.
Special website:

◆ How to use the Ginza Valet Service
1) Enrollment for the service test
Call us to register the information below:
・The number on your Times Club card, your name, cell phone number, cell phone email address, and car information (car model, color, license plate number); and approval of our terms of use
2) Use of service
① Booking (up to 2 hours before using our service)
Provide us with the information below:
・Your registered information, time and place you wish to deposit your car, and time and place you wish to pick up your car
② Car deposit
Deposit your car at a predetermined place.
③ Reconfirmation of pickup
We will call you 30 minutes before the predetermined pickup time to reconfirm the place of pickup, or otherwise, whether you wish to extend the time.
④ Pickup
We will drive your car to the predetermined place, and return it to you after your credit card payment.
(Enrollment and booking for the valet service test: 0120-62-8924)

◆ Outline of accepted car models
Brand Car value Car size Transmission Steering wheel
Non-Japanese Up to 10 million yen
Total length 4,600 mm to 4,800 mm
Total width 1,400 mm to 1,900 mm
Maximum height 1,200 mm to 2,100 mm
Automatic Right-side Japanese No limit

*Car models classified up to the D-segment can be accepted.
*Deposit and pickup of cars will be conducted at a safe place compliant with applicable laws.

Mr. Odawara/Watanabe, Group Planning Department (PR), Business Development Division, Park24 Co., Ltd.
Phone: 03-3213-8910 Email: Website: