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Preorder now for the exclusive made-to-order perfume Eveil de Rose

2016.05.15 update
2016.03.01 - 05.20

Shiseido The Ginza started accepting preorders of Eveil de Rose, a limited perfume celebrating the 25th anniversary of Dicila, a leading cosmetic brand that focuses on appealing to your senses through providing sophisticated texture and fragrance.

Eveil de Rose, meaning "awakening of a rose" in French, is an exclusive made-to-order product offered in a limited quantity.
Preorders are accepted from March 1 (Tue) to May 20 (Fri), 2016.
The product is scheduled to be released on November 21 (Mon), 2016.

The Valley of Roses in Bulgaria, a nation famous as a global production center of roses, is home to roses with the highest quality. In one section of this valley, stark-white alba roses, which are a rare species of roses also referred to as the "white lady," are grown. The perfume Eveil de Rose contains an abundance of the essential oil of these alba roses.

Each perfume bottle is handmade from opal glass, to a design based on a motif of a white rose with multiple layers of fine petals.
The product comes with a porcelain white rose pendant, manufactured in collaboration with Okura Art China, which is a leading chinaware manufacturer in Japan.

Preorder Eveil de Rose now as it is an exclusive made-to-order product offered in a limited quantity.

Dicila Eveil de Rose 30,000 yen (excluding tax)
with a white rose pendant made by Okura Art China
Preorder period: March 1 (Tue) to May 20 (Fri), 2016
Limited quantity, excusive made-to-order product to be released on November 21 (Mon), 2016

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